Artist Statement

Initially trained as a scientist, I became skilled in making observations at the microscopic and molecular levels, effecting changes in the relationships of delicate living systems.  As a sculptor, I use these abilities of thoughtful observation and analysis to create visually engaging compositions, fueled by conceptual themes rooted in social commentary and semantics.

Central to the design of many of my sculptures is the belief that space, as a material, is active, while the object is most often passive.  Where an object is physically determined, a three-dimensional space interacting within and around a physical framework, thoughtfully conceived, offers a charged state of visual activity beyond a static set of formal relationships.  Architecture shares this perspective of dynamic space, known as “lived space”.  Similarly, some of my works have taken on architectural scale as installations, whereas others investigate the post-digital age through the mode of the object.  As the formal aspects of my sculptures have been free to evolve, the themes and subject matter continue to explore the human experience.

Dana  Provence

January 2017