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On 08, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In | By Dana Provence

Ready-Made Dialog


A cocktail of one part carnival ride, one part “how’s the weather”, two parts gender, and a pinch of social parody inspired this work.  This seminal work began an exploration into artificial light sources and their incorporation into this and subsequent compositions.  Again, as in many prior sculptures, activated space and implied movement have been heavily emphasized in this design.  It is larger than life, standing eight feet tall by 6 feet wide, with varied surfaces from a recycled shiplap wood surface to steel inlaid tracks, yellow neon, and two porcelain urinals that reflect the glow of the neon with a captivating luster.  This work is a sight to see.  It is at once playful, bizarre, sophisticated, and suggestive.  In Ready-Made Dialog, the artist has produced a rare combination of conceptual acuity with a charged visual form and language.


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