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On 21, Apr 2016 | No Comments | In | By Dana Provence

The Three Pillars of Adams State

Pillars ~ capturing the evolution of an institution ~

This sculptural public art project was designed and created by sculptor Dana Provence to celebrate Adams State becoming a university. On August 7, 2012 Adams State College became Adams State University. The work consists of three, seven and a half foot tall sculptural forms, one made of hexagonal basalt stone, one of bronze, and one of stainless steel to represent the three stages of Adams State, respectively: Teachers’ College, Liberal Arts College, and now, University. Joining a host of other public art on campus, this new addition has been sited at the Southeast corner of Richardson Hall.
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On 08, Feb 2012 | No Comments | In | By Dana Provence

Ready-Made Dialog


A cocktail of one part carnival ride, one part “how’s the weather”, two parts gender, and a pinch of social parody inspired this work.  This seminal work began an exploration into artificial light sources and their incorporation into this and subsequent compositions.  Again, as in many prior sculptures, activated space and implied movement have been heavily emphasized in this design.  Read more…

Meeting of the Minds

This mixed-media sculptural installation combines kinetics and large scale forms to create an interactive metaphor for the communication of ideas.  The transmission of thoughts and opinions becomes an art form and this plays out kinetically with a six foot diameter track on which two antique “Gang Cars” travel around at the push of a button, activated by the viewer, colliding at random points around the circle.

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